I always told my kids to stay curious, curious in what consider good things, to stay curious are how we maintain fresh stream of knowledge, at least for me.

That is how this dishes are came from, curiosity. Long before I am into plant based, unagi are one of my favourite  Japanese delicacy. Unagi are eels, it is consider as delicacy as for it rareness, and the specific way of how to prepare it.

Well, I have to give you disclaimer that to make this dishes are quite intricate, but it all pay off with yummy end result, it is soft sweet savoury, the texture are uncanny with the original unagi, lot meatiness for me šŸ˜€

So shall we, let take a flight to Tokyo



  • 1 Aubergine/eggplant peeled, half, the cut it open in half, so you will get 4 pieces, steamed it until soft then scorched the open surface like the steak grilled mark

The seasoned/sauce

  • 2 tbs teriyaki sauce
  • 2 tbs light soy sauce
  • 1 tbs sesame oil
  • 1 tbs agave syrup/1 tsp sugar
  • few tbs of water


  1. in small bow mixed all the sauce/seasoned, stirred it all thoroughly, until it create runny thick mixture, give it a taste, and corrected accordingly. 
  2. in medium pan and heat, lightly coat the pan with oil, pat down the aubergine into the pan, until lil bit brown then poured the sauce, not necessarily all of it, depend on how much and big your aubergine are, also keep it table spoon or so to serve later.
  3. Keep an eyes of it, until the sauce are all perfectly absorbed by the aubergine.
  4. Take out from the heat when the aubergine are sticky brown, ready to serve with rice, always rice for me šŸ˜€

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