I supposed this dishes are root from Mexican cuisine.

The back story are, my daughter was had sleepover in her friend house, and her friend father was prepared her fried tortilla de maiz, or corn tortilla. After arrived home she beg me to replicate it, and here I am.

I was thinking, how to upgrade fried tortilla de maiz, then I was remember one fresh relishes to accompanied this snack, this relish was adding load of extra freshness into simple fried tortilla, if you want to add extra miles into it, you could baked the fried tortilla with Mixed of Mexican cheese until it melted then serve with this Pico de gallo recipe.




  • 1 tomatoes rama, deseed, just take the meat, dice it
  • 1 big size of french shallot, dice it same size of the tomatoes, originally are with onion, but I can’t take onion, feel free if you want to used union, as in traditional recipe
  • few stalk of cilantro, chop it fine or rough, I love rough for texture, just chop in according of your preference
  • 1 Jalapeno, dice it
  • 1 lime, squeeze it for the juice
  • Generous amount of sea salt and black pepper to seasoned


  1. Mixed all the ingredient together until well combine, ready to serve.
  2. it is also go so well to sprinkle on your salad, simple and yummy

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