Tempe are Indonesian heritage food ingredient, this ingredient are our culture, I almost can sure you that all Indonesian love tempe, for it versatility, for the splendid flavour, savoury nuttiness. when I was a kid tempe and tofu are staple in our household, like we can’t called it a day without tempe.

In this post I will take tempe into international flavouring, inspired by how westerner cooking proper steak, with rosemary and garlic, only I also used splash of olive olive together with vegan butter, so yes not really steak, no meat, no proper butter. But yesss,, it is delicious, I used mix bean tempe from organic soy and black bean.

As the seasoning, please used good quality smoke paprika, as it the star of seasoning from this dishes, also you can crushed as much garlic you want to used, while the seasoning are minimal, but I can guarantee the deliciousness from this dishes.

I serve this tempe with Salad leaves and vegan caesar dressing, you can used your preference on dressing I just love caesar dressing.

So let’s go?



  • 250 Gram tempe, you can used normal tempe, slice it wide
  • sea salt to rub
  • 1 tsp good quality smoke paprika
  • 1 tsp garlic powder
  • Fresh crush black pepper (or used alternate of your have in hand or your preference)
  • olive oil to rub and to grilled
  • 1 spring of rosemary
  • 2cloves of garlic, crushed it
  • 1-2 tbs vegan butter


  1. To rub the tempe, lightly drizzle the olive oil into the tempe and sprinkle all the seasoning, sea salt, smoke paprika, garlic powder and black pepper, rubbing it thoroughly.
  2. In medium pan and medium heat, ensure the pan are hot before you put the tempe in, after it hot put the tempe in, grilled for few moment.
  3. Then add extra olive oil and vegan butter also the garlic and rosemary, coated the tempe from extra oil and melted butter that infused by rosemary and garlic.
  4. Take out the tempe from the heat when the tempe slightly golden and crispy outside.
  5. Enjoy with your favourite Salad leaves and salad dressing.


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